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The year 2018 celebrate the centenary of the Claude Debussy’s death. Will be the major event of the season the eponym String Quartet.
The Debussy string quartet continues its 2017-2018 season and travels the roads of France and Europe to showcase the music of the greatest composers to all audiences…

SC Couverture 201611

 The Debussy String Quartet on tour in USA, Canada and Spain !

After a tour in Autralia and Japan at the end of 2017, the Debussy String Quartet go on tour in USA, Canada and Spain with the show Opus with the Australian company CIRCA. Created for the Nuits de Fourvière festival in Lyon, Opus is a contemporary circus-ballet accompanied by a string quartet. The Debussy String Quartet come back with this spectacular and poetic show.

Opus‘s trailer


25 april : Iowa City (USA)
Hancher Auditorium, Hadley stage – 7:30pm

28 april : Vancouver (Canada)
Chan Shun Concert Hall – 8:00pm

5 may : Ottawa (Canada)
Salle Southman – 8:00pm

18 may : Pampelune (Spain)
Fundación Baluarte – 8:00pm

19 may : Bilbao (Spain)
Teatro Arriaga – 8:00pm

20 may : Bilbao (Spain)
Teatro Arriaga – 7:00pm

22 may: Valladolid (Spain)
Teatro Calderón

25 may : Barcelona (Spain)
Teatre Lliure – 8:30pm

26 may : Barcelona (Spain)
Teatre Lliure – 7:00pm

« The idea of Opus may sound gimmicky.
Yet I have seldom listened so attentively to these Shostakovich scores. »
The New York Times, November 2015

« The quartet played Shostakovich for 85 minutes with brief pauses.
It was refreshing to hear knotty, introvert, ‘difficult’ Shostakovich quartets
reimagined as frames for kinetic visual drama. »
The Boston Musical Intelligencer, November 2015

« The instruments themselves dance,
as bows bounce and sway like the limbs of a trapeze artist. »
The Conversation, October 2014

The Debussy String Quartet’s new album is available !

Marc Mellits’s 3rd, 4th, and 5th string quartets have been recorded together for the very first time by Quatuor Debussy. Recorded at La Crypte in Lagorce, France in the company of the contemporary American composer, the new album from the French string quartet is out Friday 19 May 2017 on Evidence Classics.

Sometimes timeless, sometimes disorientating and hectic, Marc Mellits’ music skillfully mixes sleek and diaphanous textures with wild sections. In the wake on the American repetitive composers such as Steve Reich and Philip Glass, the energy of his works is reminiscent of rock music. His three string quartets are no exception, taking the listener on an unpredictable and adventurous sonic journey.

Official teaser online


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